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A list of some castles and fortifications in mainland Greece, including the Peloponnese, from around 500 to the late 1700's AD. For Venetian castles: a good source for these is Roberto Piperno's Venetian Fortresses in Greece. For castles on the Mani, in Southern Greece, see John Chapman's Mani.

N.B. by far the best reference site for Greek castles is the 'Kastrologos' website. In Greek and English, it has details of over 700 castles (inluding those listed here), masses of information, and text and map based searching. Highly recommended!

My list below includes alternative names where known. Links are to pages with further information. Names in italics refer to castles which are mentioned in the sources but are possibly no longer extant and/or the site is unknown.

A sample of some of the castles on Kastrologos:

Random choice from the top Greek Castles

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