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Ypati ('Neopatras'; 'Patracik')





The remaining tower on its crag at Ipati.

Castle of Ypati, Greece

History/Description: The area was assigned to Boniface of Montferrat in 1204. By 1218 most of central Thessaly, including Ypati, Lamia, and Platamonas were in Greek hands, and John I (son of Michael II Doukas, Despot of Epiros), made Ypati his base and built the castle [04]. Apparently his name, Doukas, led the Franks to call him Duke, hence the Duchy of Neopatras. The Catalan Company siezed the area and from 1318, made Ypati (or Neopatras) their second most important base, one of four key castles (the others being Lamia, Amfissa, and Livadia).

There really isn't much to see: a crag with a single tower and some tumbled masonry, including some very large stones which look older than medieval to me. However, the view is exceptional - the plain in which Lamia sits, and the castle at Lamia, can be seen. It would be very interesting to see if Kastro tis Orais (marked on Road Editions 1:50,000 map of Iti) is visible from here.

Directions: Ypati is now a quiet village; there's a frequent bus service from Lamia. Don't get off at Loutra Ypati (the springs) but Ano Ypati. Follow the signposts to the old church, and keep going up until you run out of tarmac. Then its a steep and confusing walk, maybe half a mile if you don't get lost.


The tower.

Greece, castle at Ipati

View from Ipati, towards the N.

Greece, castle at Ipati

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