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Antirio (or the 'Castle of Roumeli') faces Rio across the narrow entrance to the Gulf of Corinth, and was built by the Turks on a medieval foundation [08:328]. The artillery in these forts would have controlled shipping entering or leaving.

Antirio is at the foot of the new suspension bridge carrying traffic across the Gulf. The ferry which runs across the Gulf here provides a good view of both. Approaching at water level - and imagining cannon poking out of those embrazures - just might give one a clue as to how the crew of a Venetian galley might have felt when they tried to sail into the Gulf! Paradissis [32] claims there was a fortification here in antiquity, and suggests that Bayezit II built a fort here around 1500, but that the Knights of Malta destroyed it: the current building is mainly Venetian and dates from Morosini's time.


The main bus routes from Epirus to the N. pass the fort, either heading across the bridge, or turning along the N. shore of the Gulf of Corinth. On the S. side of the Gulf (Rion), a town bus passes the end of the bridge, and its a bit of a crossroads for KTEL buses. But be warned that (in 2007) I could find no bus station or facilities at Rion, just a windswept lorry park. So connections can be problematic. The ferry from the Rio side drops you just to the left of the fort as viewed here.

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