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Arch, remains of church (the speck just visible between the broken parts is a spider)

Mouchli, remains of church

History/Description: Mouchli was a Byzantine town founded by Andronikos Palaiologos Asan in the late 13th century. It was taken by Mohammed II in 1458 after a three day siege: with the water supply cut off, Demetrios Asan surrendered the city on favourable terms.[18, p.434] It was apparently destroyed in 1460, and presumably deserted, though there were a few inhabitants there in the 19th century. The remains are very ruined and there is not a lot to see.

Directions: Off Argos to Tripolis road, on the right as you travel north, shortly after crossing into Arkadia, and very difficult to spot. A simple shelter and information board by the side of the road was there in 2000, and steep tracks lead down into the valley and up onto the hill beyond where the city stands.

Sources: 1, 3, 18.

Broken walls

Mouchli, walls

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