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Androusa ('Druses')





Approaching Androusa


History/Description: Most sources assign this castle to the Franks, but Hetherington [04: 56] reckons that its site (a low mound on the plain) and the shape of the towers (angled) means it was Byzantine. It also covers a large area (rather than being compact, as many Frankish castles are). Lock (01:78, quoting the Chronicle of the Morea) dates it to the 1250s, just as the balanced was tilting towards the Byzantines and away from the Franks. It was not one of the orginal Frankish baronies, but an important town and the Narvarrese company made their headquarters here for a time. It was captured by John Palaeologos (VIII?) from the Latins.

Its a large, rambling site, fading into the buildings of the village on the west. There is a good view to the SE, over the fertile plains towards Kalamata. There is a length of arcaded curtain wall standing, and some interesting towers, but little else. It lies about 22km N. of Kalamata, on a minor road, which runs more or less through the W. side of the castle.



Arcading, detail


Arcading, detail


Angled tower


Loopholed wall in tower


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