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Angelokastro from the E.



Angelokastro is on an isolated ridge above the village of the same name. Little remains except a ruined tower and a (more recent) chapel. However, it was a key town in the Despotate of Epirus in its day. In 1294, Philip I of Taranto gained the castle and three others, Navpaktos, Eulochos (ie Agrinion) and Vonitsa, when he married Thamar, daughter of the Despot Nikephoros I. (At this time, Epirus was looking for allies: approaches to the Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos had failed, so Nikephoros turned to the Angevins, hence this marriage) [01]. Paradissis refers to a legend that one Angela Komneni held the castle for some time against the Ottomans [03:51-2].

When I visited in 2007, it was not possible to reach the castle from the village. It may be possible to approach it from the NE, but I do not think there is much to see.

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