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Boukation: tower

Boukation: base of tower

Tower, with modern entrance skirting S side



Ancient ruins crown the top of this hill including walls of at least twelve courses high on the NW side [08:347] and a striking semicircular tower at the E end (it looks as though it was rebuilt in modern times, but it was there when Woodhouse visited in the 1890's). The medieval ruins consist of the two round towers (pictured above), which perhaps flanked the gate into what would have been the keep. They are built on the foundations of two hellenic round towers, flanking the ancient (and perhaps the medieval) entrance [20:191]; these face the W. De Jongh [08] noted some Byzantine brickwork in the church, and Paradissos reckons the towers are Byzantine (or later: Woodhouse). Perhaps at some point this castle was an outpost of the Despotate of Arta. There are good views along the lake.

The acropolis is ten minutes walk from the centre of the village of Paravola, or you can drive up and park there.

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