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View of the Palamidi from the town.

Castle of Palamidi, Nafplio, Greece, from the town

History/Description: The Palamidi is the largest and newest of two (or possibly three) castles at Nafplio. It is entirely 18th century, being built and held by the Venetians from 1686-1715. It consists of a powerful network of artillery forts clustered at the end of a rock hill above the town.

The other castle is sited lower down, beyond the town to the south, and its hard to make sense of it now. At the Frankish invasion, it was held - probably by Leo Sgouros' family - and resisted the Franks until 1212 [05], when the Franks did gain control (the De la Roche's). Venice captured it in 1389.

Directions: You can walk up to the Palamidi from the town (if you're reasonably fit - its a lot of steps!). Tour buses approach along the crest of the hill itself.

The other castle is on the S edge of the town, and the ramparts are accessible, but mostly filled with modern hotel.


One of the forts making up the Palamidi.

Castle of Palamidi, Nafplio, one of the artillery forts

A view of the older, Byzantine/Frankish/Venetian fortifications from the Palamidi.

Castle at Nafplio

Older Venetian fortifications.

Castle at Nafplio

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