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Prevesa - Pantocrator





Prevesa: Pantocrator from the NW

Castle of Prevesa: Pantocrator

Gun platform and central tower


View from Pantocrator, looking S. towards Levkas (Santa Maura, Kastro Grivas and Nea Plagia)


Artillery ramp and outer wall (and v. bad lens flair!)


History/Description: According to Paradissis [3, p77] Prevesa is first mentioned in the 1290's. There are actually a network of fortifications here (see 'Preveza St. Andrews for an overview). Pantocrator was originally built by Ali Pasha, and was described as a 'strong fort' by an english naval officer in the 1830s. It is a compact polygon, and would have supported a lot of artillery. Despite the flowers and butterflies that flourish there, it still has a grim air about it; embrasures at near water level look out over the narrow strait, with water gurgling in the masonry, and above a platform would have mounted more cannon. A gaunt barrack block and tower fill the centre. Besides controlling the entrance to the gulf, the castle has a good view south; Levkas can be seen even on a hazy day, and I think Santa Maura would have been visible on a clear day, perhaps Kastro Grivas and Nea Plagia as well.

The fort is situated in a suburb of Prevesa and it would be possible to walk a mile or so south of the centre, along the coast, to reach it. Alternatively, if you are entering (or leaving) Prevesa by the tunnel under the strait, leave the exit by the tunnel and find your way south half a mile or so to the sea. There is a large grassy area next to the fort for parking.

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