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The castle from the harbour

Castle of Koroni


'The half-way point along the great chain of communication stretching from the Adriatic to Crete and the Holy Land, Constantinople and the trade routes of Asia, the two towns [Methone and Corone] became known as the chief eyes of Venice. Under her rule Methone and Corone had a common history, since it was Venice's concern to keep history as far as possible removed from her possessions. Business, safety, and self-interest were the keynote of her dominion, while Methone and Corone escaped the major turmoils of three centuries' (Andrews) [05, p.14].

Unlike Methoni, there isn't a great deal to see, though what there is, is impressive. Most of it is Venetian, and quite late, the port having been gained by them in 1206. Somewhere near here was the olive grove of Koudouros where Villehardouin and Champlitte defeated Byzantine troops in the spring of 1205, going on to capture the Morea.

Directions: Its part of the village, just walk south.


The castle from the open ground to the south, against a stormy sky.

Castle of Koroni

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