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Kastro tis Orias (near Xerokambos)






View of the castle

Kastro tis Orias, near Xerokambo

History/Description: There are several sites called Kastro Orias. This one is inland from Astros, in Kynouria. Paradissis reckons the walls are well preserved (I didn't get close enough to see), and suggests it was defended by a Frankish lord until the Ottomans took it. Miller [18 p.190] refers to a castle 'in the mountains behind Astros' called 'Oriaokastro' and suspected it was the the 'Beaufort' built by Florent de Hainault, Prince of Achaia, during his efforts to recapture St. George around 1296. According to Miller, Florent's objective was to control the pass to Skorta. I do not know the geography of the area well enough to be sure, but I do not think this 'Kastro tis Orias' would serve that purpose. Also, this castle looks more like a fortified settlement, along the lines of Mouchli, than a castle.

Directions: I drove up to the village of Agiannis, carried on along the tarmac road, and turned left onto a track. But at some point you have to leave the car and hike.

Sources: [03]. See also Buchon; there are some pictures taken at the castle at

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