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View from the battlements over the Gulf of Nafplio.

Castle of Myli, Greece.

History/Description: Myli is a Frankish castle though there are the remains of ancient and medieval Greek buildings here as well [04]. There is a nearby tower (heading W. from Myli you can see it on your right from the road) which I was unable to explore. Both were presumably part of the Duchy of Athens 1205/80 - 1311 (when it was taken over by the Catalan Company), then of the lordship of Argos and Nafplion, though the tower may be part of the Venetian buildings in the area; 'Kiveri' was part of the Venetian territory of Nafplion in the 15th century, though their ownership of the castle was disputed by the Ottomans, and during negotiations in the 1480's is referred to as having been destroyed [09, p.209].

Directions: The buses/trains from Argos to Tripolis run through Myli. There is reputed to be a steep, direct route from the village up to the castle. Or, you can head east out of the village, and a few hundred yards on the left is a track, past the municipal dump, which winds up and round to the castle. The views are very good. The remains of ancient Lerna can also be found at Myli.


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