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Pendeskoufi; Mont Escovée





Pendeskoufi, from Acrocorinth

Pendeskoufi, from Acrocorinth


Pendeskoufi, the medieval Mont Escovée (Hetherington, 50), was built when the Franks were besieging Acrocorinth (1205-10). It is a mile or so to the SW of Acrocorinth. There was another fort to the NE (Koumoussi, 12) but I was not able to locate this. Paradissis (16-17) adds some interesting detail on Pendeskoufi: he reckons it was also known as 'Malvicino' ('Bad neighbour'). He adds that Hopf attributed the castle to Boniface of Monferrat, whilst the Chronicle of the Morea says that Geoffrey de Villehardouin built it (Buchon claims he saw the arms of the latter there). Also, a certain Papa Notaris, a local ruler, carried out some renovations there in 1825 and left an inscription to say so.

For what it is worth (based on the photographs - I did not visit the fort), I believe the masonry now visible is too regular for Frankish work. Presumably the fort was held by whoever held Acrocorinth: and since in 1687 the Venetians captured Acrocorinth, and held it until 1715, during whicch time they carried out extensive renovations (Koumoussi, 14-15), perhaps Pendeskoufi as it is now is largely a result of their work.

Pendeskoufi: detail of stonework

Pendeskoufi, from Acrocorinth

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