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Nafpaktos harbour entrance from the castle.

Nafpaktos harbour, Greece

History/Description: In 1204 the town would have become part of the new Latin Empire, but was seized by Byzantine troops and thus fell to the emergent Despotate of Epiros. In 1407 the Venetians took over, until driven out by the Turks in 1499. The fortifications stretch up from the town to the top of the hill rising steeply behind it (the town played a significant role in classical history, and classical remains may exist on the summit). Most of what remains is Byzantine, Venetian 15th century and Turkish [04]. The fortifications exploit ravines and steep slopes, and must have been formidable until artillery powerful enough to bombard the town from the surrounding hills had been developed. The Turkish fleet sailed from here to fight the Battle of Lepanto (1571).

Directions: The castle is an easy if steep walk up from the town (it was closed in 2007 for restoration). Nafpaktos is a busy market town (with lots of traffic). Its tiny harbour, defended by elegant towers each side of the entrance, is worth seeing.


Nafpaktos from the E.

Nafpactos and its harbour from the E.

The town and harbour from the E.

Nafpactos harbour from the 

Nafpaktos, castle walls from the SW.

Nafpaktos castle walls from the SW

Nafpaktos, castle walls from the NW.

Nafpaktos castle walls from the NW.

Nafpaktos, castle walls, northernmost point.

Nafpaktos castle walls from the N.

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