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Walls of Rogoi.

Castle of Rogoi


'Remains of strong walls that sometimes reach a height of twenty-three courses stand out impressively around the keep. It takes no more than ten minutes to climb in the shade of olive branches to the summit. Tortoises lumber up and down the maquis-covered slope. Wild olive trees and thick shoots of dark green ivy sprout from crannies in the towers and crenellated battlements at the top of the hill, which dominates a fine sweep of the winding Louros. In the distance, herds of cattle graze on the hazy plain.' (B. De Jongh) [08, p.369].

The foundations on the S and SW sides are from 5th/1st century BC, and the medieval castle forms a broad polygon about 100 x 60 metres. It withstood Frankish assaults in 1304 and was held against imperial troops in 1340 while Andronikus III negotiated a deal to bring the Despotate back into the Empire. Very overgrown, atmospheric, and worth a visit.



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