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View of the walls.

Castle at Arta

History/Description: Arta was capital of the Despotate of Epirus, and Hetherington reckons the castle is attributable to the despot Michael II, when the Despotate was at its zenith. There seems some dispute among the textbooks on the dates, but that would put it mid-thirteenth century. According to De Jong, large quadrangular blocks from the ancient citadel can be seen in the wall. Whilst the walls make a very pleasant walk, the centre is occupied by modern buildings, and the 2000 edition of the Rough Guide noted that the castle was locked. There are some fascinating Byzantine churches in Arta, and it is near to Rogoi, a very impressive castle about ten miles west.

Directions: Arta is a transport hub for the region's buses, and the castle is in the NE of the town, a few hundred metres from the centre.


View from the battlements.

Castle at Arta

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