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Walls of Nicopolis.

Nicopolis, view of the walls

History/Description: Nicopolis isn't the most well-known ruin in Greece but is reckoned to be the most extensive Roman site in the country [08, p.369], and the most significant 6th century military building in Europe [04, p.174]. It was built by Augustus to celebrate the victory at Actium. The walls here were probably built by emperor Zeno (471-491) and upgraded by Justinian. Zeno's 5th century walls reduced the area of Augustus' city by three-quarters or more, probably as a result of the decline in urban life in those centuries. (The construction of these walls marks the earliest date covered by this website.)

Directions: The site is about five miles N of Prevesa, and while several buses run past it and will drop you off there, a taxi is much easier and not much more expensive.


Nicopolis, gateway.

Nicopolis, gateway

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