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Kastro Grivas





Kastro Grivas from the N.

Castle Grivas, Greece

History/Description As far as I am aware the castle was built by Ali Pasha. However it has been suggested that a monastery stood on the site, and the bases of some of the towers seem to be of an older (circular) construction of rough rubble, so perhaps there was an older fortification here. A fortification is shown on a map of 1830[24]. I assume from the name that the Grivas family, prominent in the area in the 18/19th centuries, have a connection with the castle. The W. and N. sides of the castle are protected by water; the gate can only be approached from the N., with the castle wall on your right (unshielded) side, and with the possibilities of support from other troops limited by the surrounding water.

There are very clear views of the causeway to Levkas (and the castle of Santa Maura) in the W. and towards Prevesa in the N.; whilst to the S.W the fortifications of Nea Plagia are very clear on the horizon. If you're heading south from Actio to Levkas you can't miss it.

S.E. tower

Castle Grivas, Greece, S.E. tower.

Gateway on E. side of castle

Castle Grivas

View towards Santa Maura

Castle Grivas, view towards Santa Maura

Base of NE tower showing circular rubble foundation

Castle Grivas, base of NE tower showing circular rubble foundation

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